Why Power BI?

I have highlighted the key reasons with a green background why Power BI will and is beginning to cause a data revolution particularly within the public sector which is delivering new insights with low cost and easy adoption.


Reason No Description Image 
 1 Power BI is a cloud based analytics solution. The cloud offers greater extensibility whilst reducing cost of infrastructure and licenses.  
 2 Power BI should not be looked at in isolation especially when comparing with other products. Rather Power BI should be used in synergy with Excel Online, SSRS and R. Since all these product are very well integrated.  
 3 There are monthly new  feature releases leading to rapid feature enhancements over the course of a year.  
 4 Incredibility low cost resulting in rapid adoption. There is a highly functional free version. The professional version costs around $10USD per month.  
 5 Create very incisive data visualisation with little effort and technical knowledge via drag and drop.  
 6 The Power BI calculation language DAX is designed to have a similar syntax to Excel. This creates much greater synergy between the business intelligence developer, the business analyst and the information requester.  
 7 Power Query delivers powerful data transformations with no code. Powerful data transformations such as pivot / unpivot / merge join can be achieved without writing any code.  
 8 Power BI can easily be scaled out to the enterprise Analysis Services tabular model OLAP solution, since Power BI and Analysis Services tabular model share the same OLAP engine and DAX language.  
 9 Extend Power BI using Custom Visualisations.  
 10 Develop your own Custom Visualisations  
 11 Full integration with R scripting.  
 12 Sharing is Easy  
 13 Scheduled Data Refresh  
 14 Interactive Bar Chart Drill Downs  
 15 Zoom into Reports from Dashboards  
 16 Use existing Content Packs  
 17 Build your own Content Packs  
 18 Wealth of free high quality training material available.  
 19 Data Stories available.  
 20 Power BI delivers self service reporting which frees up the Business Intelligence Team to focus on resolving data quality issues and reconciling reference data instead of developing reports. The tools SQL Server Master Data Services and SQL Server Data Quality Services have existed for at least several years.  
 21 Natural Query Language.  
 22 In Memory technology means that data stored in Power BI can compress data often by a factor of 8 or 10. This compression also increases the performance of queries.  
 23 Publish to Smart Phones.  
 24 Wide range of Data Sources.  
 25 Microsoft has dedicated resources to action the ideas given by Power BI users.  
 26 Power BI supports integration with SharePoint. You can also use the publish to web feature to embed Power BI into any other web based application.  Here is a Power BI collaboration SharePoint add in.