Classroom Training
Classroom training is available on request please for Power BI, DAX Intermediate and Introduction to Analysis Services, contact us for further details.

One to One Training
One to one training is also available on request via Skype,  contact us for further details.

Take the student on a journey from a fairly basic knowledge of IT literacy such as working knowledge of Excel to the ability to create accurate, timely, attractive and incisive Power BI dashboards. The newly skilled Power BI developer will then be able to demonstrate their skills on their own laptop which conceptualises real world scenarios.


Power BI Professional Course Table of Contents

Chapter Number  Chapter Name 
 1 Preface 
 2 How to Use this Course
 3 Overview of this Course
 4 What is Power BI?
 5 Overview of the Microsoft Business Intelligence 
Architecture and Data Life Cycle
 6 Navigating An Example Power BI Solution
 7 Building Your First Power BI Solution Overview
 8 Extract, Transform and Load which is an Introduction to Power Query
 9 Data Modelling
 10 Data Visualisation
 11 Power BI Service
 12 Introduction to DAX
 13 Launchpad for Finding and Delivering the Customers’ Needs
 14 Testing and Version Control
 15 Security and Deployment
 16 Error Handling
 17 SQL Server 2016 On Premises and Environment Step-By-Step Installation
 18 Set up Tabular Model Service, Install SQL Tools and the Latest Service Pack
 19 Install Internet Browsers, Samples and Power BI / SSRS Integration
 20 Azure SQL Cloud Power BI Step By Step Setup
 21 Power BI Gateway Step By Step
 22 Different Methods of Querying Tabular Data
 23 Data Visualisations within SSRS 2016, Power BI and Excel Online
 24 Power BI Within Excel
 25 Glossary of Terms
 26 Index