Classroom Training
Classroom training is available on request please for Power BI, DAX Intermediate and Introduction to Analysis Services, contact us for further details.

One to One Training
One to one training is also available on request via Skype,  contact us for further details.

Take the student on a journey from a fairly basic knowledge of IT literacy such as working knowledge of Excel to the ability to create accurate, timely, attractive and incisive Power BI dashboards. The newly skilled Power BI developer will then be able to demonstrate their skills on their own laptop which conceptualises real world scenarios.

Data Analytics for All with Power BI

Chapter Number  Chapter Name 
 1 Preface 
 2 Overview of this Book
 3 Business Intelligence Data Life Cycle
 4 Extract, Transform and Load which is an Introduction to Power Query
 5 Navigating An Example Power BI Solution
 6 Data Modelling
 7 Data Visualisation
 8 Further Analytics
 9 Power BI Service
 10 Obtaining Solutions Expert Status in Data Analytics


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