Enterprise Business Intelligence Solutions and Power BI

In the context of an Enterprise wide solution Power BI tends to be used more at the beginning and at the end of an Enterprise wide Business Intelligence solution project. The rest of the time the Enterprise wide solution architecture needs to be developed.
Power BI tends to be used at the beginning of an Enterprise Business Intelligence project since Power BI is an excellent prototyping tool.
Power BI tends to be used more towards the end of an Business Intelligence project once the data warehouse / cube has passed the initial testing and the self service report delivers have been fully trained.
A good success criteria of a Business Intelligence project is when self-service report developers are creating their own reports under the guidance and control of a report custodian. The report custodian will maintain a list of reports and a data dictionary ensuring the single source of truth is maintained and reports are not duplicated. The self service report developers can navigate their data models confidently and they are also confident in the results there reports generate. In this full filling scenario usage of these reports will result in new insights on existing data. Where these new insights will result in improved management decision making leading to increased profits and risk mitigation.
Whenever Kieran speaks at Power BI events and delivers tailored training on Power BI he always asks which is your most common data source of Power BI. At least 80 % of respondents state that SQL Server is their main database data source of Power BI. We hope you find the following diagram helpful ...