Get on Board the Power BI Revolution 

  • Enable managers and business partners to see quickly and clearly how your business is performing - now they can make more informed decisions and get others on board
  • Make fast, reliable and attractive data visualisations for your business which are easy to interpret
  • Empower non-technical employees to input, update, organise and analyse your data
  • Identify data quality issues, then automate the process of identifying further issues as well as the process of resolving them at source.
  • All at a record low running cost - suitable for both large and smaller companies
  • Use with the confidence of the Microsoft brand and set up by experts

Our services include small scale Data Analytics to enterprise wide Business Intelligence Solutions:

  • Provide a free demonstration, via Skype or on site (we are based in Oxford, UK) - show you what Power BI looks like, what it could do for you and how to integrate with the enterprise wide solution SQL Server.
  • A free initial analysis tailored to your business
  • A detailed analysis with project plan of how your business could implement Power BI, including timescales and a clear daily cost
  • Project manage, develop, train, mentor and implement an enterprise wide Business Intelligence solution from data source -> staging area -> data warehouse -> analytics layer - > reporting development including data refresh schedule and report distribution.

Use our 20+ years of experience, passion for the craft and in-demand Power BI and Enterprise SQL Server expertise to help you reach your data aspirations